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RA Smith Estate

I continue to receive questions about Robert Alan Smith, a famous artist especially in the 1960’s. He was well-collected as most of his serigraph series were sold out. His work was in the White House twice, The Smithsonian (several times), Library of Congress and many prestigious collections. More information can be learned at the official RA Estate Website


What is NCA? Northern California Arts © by KC Moore

After talking with Tom Thompson, current president of NCA and several others, I rediscovered a gem in the midst of our Sacramento arts community. It was a grass-roots movement begun over 75 years ago.  It was started by Harold Morse Ward (‘Morse Code’ family) in 1939.

MIxed Media on Board, 24"x24" with black wood frame. "Perplex' by KC Moore $250

MIxed Media on Board, 24″x24″ with black wood frame. “Perplex’ by KC Moore $250

The original group of 5-6 men wanted to promote the European, realistic method of painting.  It started in homes and moved to the Rose Shack of McKinley Park in downtown Sacramento.  It evolved over the years including some noteworthy locals such as Wayne Tiebaud and Greg Kondos This organization hosts monthly shows, art demonstrations, and has a vibrant program to certify master level painters

This month they hosted an International Show entitled “Bold Expressions” juried by Margot Schulzke of Auburn , CA.  She is a renowned artist in Europe and America.  The competition was stiff as only 30% of the entries were accepted.

Oil on Canvas 8"x24" unframed  'Intimate Connections' by Adriana Paoletti  $1,200

Oil on Canvas 8″x24″ unframed ‘Intimate Connections’ by Adriana Paoletti $1,200

Opening Night was October 10th and the award ceremony on October 24th.  I was privileged to be accepted and enjoyed the evening.  During the opening celebration, Sean O’Connor provided classical guitar music as a backdrop

Posters express the some of the organizational statements including “Supporting Cultural Life” and “Encouraging All Artists”.  This organization was developed by artists, for artists, it survives to this day run by volunteers who believe in the vision.

Today the NSA is housed in the Fine Arts Center in Carmichael, CA.  Located at 5330 Gibbons Ave in Carmichael, CA.  Hours of operation are 11 am – 3 pm Wed through Sat and for special occasions.

Call 916.971.3713 for information or

Launching the Official RA Smith Estate Website © by KC Moore

Robert Alan Smith was a career artist spanning 6 decades. When an artist passes away, his estate has to choose how to administer the legacy that remains. We have received numerous emails with questions about his work.   Now we can more easily offer information to the public.

RA Smith died in 2008 and the estate has diligently worked to compile and catalogue the art, historical documents, photographs, etc. Finally, we have developed a website where we can offer first source information and a method of communicating directly with the estate.

We have just launched the official RA Smith Estate Website!

It is just a start. We will continue to add documentation, photos, art and stories so this will provide the best information available.  We would also want to know the type of information the public desires: Perhaps personal stories? Insight into his process?

Feel free to contact us with your requests and we will accommodate as many as possible.

Some details of the life of RA Smith:

Artist On Board

Artist RA Smith on Board

He trained and later taught at Chouinard Art Institute.

He also trained under Sequeiros.

He lived aboard a sailboat in Ventura while painting a sold-out series of very large oil paintings (insert on right).  How did that work?

He lived in Ojai, CA during his serigraph period; he built his own process.

He ran a frame shop/gallery in Pasadena

He had 2 serigraphs hanging in the White House at the same time

He was accepted into the Smithsonian numerous times

He was a romantic artist who cleverly pursued his future wife with very creative means

He taught Printmaking and Design at Ventura College

This man’s life was both accomplished and fascinating. This easily could be a movie or book in the making. Please join us as the journey has just begun.

Interview with Dianne Mattar © by KC Moore

It was the meeting of friends; to view a show which Dianne participated….but it was much more! She had mentioned it a few weeks back and I had been on travel but I wanted to see it. It was pushed smack into the middle of the very next day.Dianne - SMUD 2014 Enhanced-a

I am so glad I took the time. The show is entitled: SOLART: Turning solar panels into art. It is sponsored by SMUD, Valley Sculpture Artists and Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. They made a call to artists to turn 100 ‘historic’ (used in Sacramento homes) solar panels into art.

Twenty-five local artists answered the call. Each used their superior talent to morph these 20” x 43” blue, crystal-like glass panels into something beautiful and interesting. Their themes include classical mythology, statements about past, future and renewable energy, natural resources, progress and more.

They enshrined these panels with stone, shells, ceramic, wood, metal, fabric and many other unique embellishments to produce a totally unique WOW factor. This is inventive, intelligent, thought-provoking art.

My friend Dianne’s diptych entitled ‘Evening Paradise’ featured her signature palm trees. She said they “represent resiliency through the storms of life.” Many of the pieces are large and wonderful to walk through and touch.

SMUD Solar Gallery-a
To view the show, park across from the SMUD Customer Service Center located at 6301 S street, Sacramento, CA. 8 am – 6 pm M-F. While there are some installments in the 1st floor lobby, take the elevator (look right) to the 2nd floor Solar Gallery to experience the majority of the work.

Show ends July 31st – if you are in Sacramento, It is worth the effort to take in this show. Write Dianne Mattar at: for more information.

The Inimitable GRETCHEN RYAN © by KC Moore

Gretchen-2008 at Midtown Gallery-aIt was this lady who taught me to set up my first pallet and she has taught many, many successful artist in our region over the years.

As an artist she has explored virtually every medium imaginable. A quick survey of her studio/classroom reveals the trappings of a true, passionate artist: work on wood, canvas, paper, glitter, nails, dozens of award ribbons, crystal, angels, shells, pearls decorating cloth, flowers, tiles, homemade paper, antiques, stained glass, fur from a bison, numerous drawers stocked with stuff to form new works of art, and innumerable other things of interest.

I audited a class in her private studio to interview her for this blog. Some of the statements I heard included “We have to create the feeling first” to one student and “I want you to learn trees” to another. That particular statement triggered a memory of my first lesson where she took the whole class outside to ‘see’. To see how everything reflected on everything else. How the standing water reflected not only the sky but the paint color of the cars in the parking lot.

I spent over a decade as a gallery artist and I owe it largely to this wonderful, talented lady, thank you very much Gretchen Ryan!

Ancient Book of History

Ancient Book of History

She is now honored by a retrospective of her work hosted at Sacramento State University April 1st through 24th at the Robert Else Gallery. Reception: April 11th

This will showcase her hand-made paper books.

The names are intriguing: ‘Ancient Book of History’ and ‘Ancient Book of the Future’, neither is to be read or opened!

Ancient Book of The Future

Ancient Book of The Future

By these books we can glimpse into the past and the future but we can really only know today!

Robert Else Gallery is located at 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA

For more information contact 916.278.6166 or

May I Introduce

watercolor on board

Tulips by Alyse

I’ve counted myself fortunate to know many master artists. I’ve written about several of them and other mid-career artists. As a different approach I want to introduce a brand new, never shown in a gallery art graduate.

She participated in my Youth Invitational in High School. At that time she was inspired by her art teacher Matthew Buckley to pursue an art career. Now she sits at the threshold facing her difficult, wonderful future. It is now that the University of Life must instruct her and open up her path. She must “do the steps” in the words of a New York SoHo Gallery Owner on one of my treks.

oil on canvas

La Jolla by Alyse

I saw her early work, it started with photorealism. During college it became heavy and loose. I predict these are but the start of the many stages of growth for this young artist.

I’ve asked, “What does an artist need?” The art teacher says supplies, another artist says a mentor…..a new artist needs a chance. She will be a gallery artist soon but because I’ve watched her grow and develop, I want to be the first to introduce Alyse Walker. Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world of art!

Contact Alyse:

When Things Move

When things move we have to listen. Yes!

Many things have bubbled up from the depth this month. It was not apparent until today that I will again write about artists in my 2014 blogs. This was catalyzed by the gift I received by an artist I wrote about last year, a photographer by name of Tom Cameron. His was a 2014 calendar, but the first image showed me he developed new techniques, making the January image very painterly.

This is wonderful! This is what artists do! This thrills my soul!

I love watching changes as artist evolve and move into new places. Picasso had a ‘Blue Period’ and many other well-documented ones, but as I watch myself and others, we all have them…but not so famous or noticed of course.

In the past I’ve blogged about artists at a master level, a full life of artistic achievement. This year I plan to add many that I have had the pleasure to watch including someone brand new.

I personally find it very hard to pick up a paint brush…painful, really. In the morning I will begin again with the artist who taught me to set up my first pallet. I am scared, like a novice. I’ve been in a dead zone and retired almost 2 years ago from the galleries. I have confidence that she can guide me because she did it before, for me and many other artists. It’s a new day….it’s a blank canvas! Aarrg!

The Official Artistic License © by KC Moore 2013

I recently got mine in the mail! It’s my Official California Artistic License©, a fun, clever idea conceived by Bobbi Baldwin.

Bobbi Baldwin

Bobbi Baldwin

Bobbi is passionate on keeping the creative juices flowing. She teaches The Artist Way, is teacher/mentor for numerous other artists and continually pushes the envelope. In addition to her studio and gallery work, she is an accomplished portrait painter with a specialty in horses. A smile is continually on her friendly face framed with a full head of shoulder-length blonde curls. Everything about her has the exuberance of a spirited artisan. The Artist License© is simply another way for her to remind us to continue to allow ourselves to explore, to create.

This license states…

“Entitles bearer to: Interpret the world into your own point of view – Wear rose colored glasses – Walk to the beat of your own drum – Change perspective and colors of the world often – Speak in broken sentences – Forget small insignificant facts“

KCs Artistic License-a

For a limited time you can order your own keepsake. Contact Bobbi at and provide her with your photograph, name, state and mailing address. She will make sure you have an original Artistic License© in short order. It measures approximately 4” x 2 ½” and is encased in sturdy plastic. You can pay via Pay Pal or Square.

Unfortunately, it is available only in the US at the moment.

It’s been spoken of before but now you can have the official license in your hand. Then feel free to pick up your brush and paint until dawn to your favorite music!

Photography by Tom Cameron© by KC Moore

Photographer, Tom Cameron



Last year I was in Connecticut and happened to get a private tour of the art scene by local photographer, Tom Cameron.

It was an intimate look into rural East Coast art and culture. As a courtesy, I was also privileged to receive his artist-made calendar for 2013.

Two things stand out in his work, first it captures nature in its purity and action, and second I appreciate the profound quotes he applies to them in this calendar. I love the August 2013 page which depicts the time-exposure of shallow water rapids with the quote by another photographer.

Albert Watson said “You can’t just float on the surface, you have to go deep”. The juxtaposition of the raging surface action with the concept of ‘going deep’ invites pondering.

It takes a trained eye to see the ordinary and explore the unusual in it. Mr. Cameron captures snow, still waters, ripples, frost, fog, reflections, rays of the days new light, glistening dew drop on a spider web backed by morning mist, double images of trees and water providing the eye with unusual symmetry and illusion.

Also memorable, he produced perhaps the best photograph of a blue heron I have ever seen; the bird is clear, majestic and captured in perfect harmony with his environment.

I have met many fellow artists exploring this world and bringing its beauty to our awareness. I firmly believe it is worthy to recognize living artists celebrating their unique art journey. Find more images at:

Again I ask…what is the Jackie Greene Phenomenon? © by KC Moore

Jackie Green - 2013

Jackie Green – 2013

It is teens and seniors together; an audience crossing all strata of race, gender or other ‘qualifier’ enjoying music in the same space. A dear friend from New York was celebrating her birthday that night. What better way than to introduce our local guy? Before I knew it she was rockin’ it with the crowd. At one point I looked around and said “There’s not a still bone in this park”. Truly, the audience enjoyed itself as much as the musicians.
The setting is unusual…the Mother Goose Stage at Fairytale Town in Sacramento, California, August 24, 2013. This is the second time I’ve participated…yes, I moved too as did every soul on property. After the show he gave autographs and took pictures with long-time fans. We really love him; he has reached the sweet spot in our hearts. He performed this sold-out fund raiser in spite of being on tour with The Black Crows and heavy schedule.
About Jackie – he is multitalented: writes is own songs and is master of many instruments….the guy in the crowd next to us said ‘virtuoso’. I know it’s said about art, that we know ‘good’ when we see it. And we SEE it! The music world now knows his name; he has quietly played with top entertainers for years but Sacramento is his fan base. I’m happy to say I ‘knew him when’ and wish him all the best. Give it all you’ve got Jackie! Come back often! More at