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Last Night in Cow Town by KC Moore

May 28, 2010

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We love Sacramento….Capital of California.  It has had the stigma of a cow town since I came here over 20 years ago with a 5-year plan.  It’s a local joke, we don’t care, we like it here.  Unfortunately, the secret is being released.  I heard again for the thousandth time, I moved here for a 2-year stint, but I liked it so I stayed.

Tonight, CSUS University Theater hosted the presentation of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s plan to promote the Arts in Sacramento.  He says the arts bring people, culture and ideas together. This venue gathered artists, gallery owners, teachers and the community members interested in the Sacramento Art scene. 

The audience was given the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission 2009 Annual Report outlining accomplishments and program highlights. There was a show of appreciation as he called all the volunteers who had met for 12 months to develop ‘The Creative Action Plan for the Sacramento Metropolitan Region’ to the stage, then sponsors and others that made it possible.

The three articulated goals of the plan are: 1) Strengthen our Cultural Infrastructure 2) Improve access to the Arts and Arts Education and 3) Invest in Creative Talent.  The Mayor talked of benchmarks, deliverables, tracking to this plan…in fact later this year, in Sept or Oct he said “we’ll come together again” and see where we are.  There were many sponsors financially and in other ways but it was noted that The Bee printed 10,000 copies of The Plan for free; they were handed out to the audience.

There was a dance exhibit by the Senior Dance Concert of CSUS and a performance of Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) with young poet voices. This meeting actually held too much content to give proper appreciation for each participant.

Then, I have to be honest; I have wanted to see Jackie Greene since he was featured by sactown magazine in Feb/Mar 2008.   Each venue where he played had a scheduling conflict.  As much as I love the arts…I WANTED to see Jackie.

At the beginning of the evening, our emcee, Mark S. Allen of Good Day Sacramento said he just caught a tweet that someone had snuck into a Jackie Greene concert.  He asked who that may be….then, got a chuckle insinuating that security may want to know.

Jackie sang 3 numbers; during the first song I was mesmerized by his new long hair style, the richness of the voice, his fingers on the guitar strings, and the thought of seeing a young Bob Dylan with the harmonica.  He’s Sacramento’s ‘Rock Star-In-Waiting’ as sactown magazine boasted in 2008.  “Don’t let the devil take your mind”…lyrics that you just don’t forget.

The 3rd was song was written in his C Street basement apartment in downtown Sacramento, a soft number…he said he had neighbors so some songs were quiet.  This was a donated a performance along with next month’s venue at Fairytale Town….I have tickets!

After the audience applause, Mayor Kevin Johnson called him back on stage asking “What do we have to do to get you back to Sacramento?”  I missed the exact answer but it sounded like… get the A’s?!

David Garibaldi was the finale….also a first for me; his reputation precedes him.  He starts with it’s an ‘exciting time to live in Sacramento’, his personal high energy and stories of how he was a street graffiti artist given an opportunity here to move his ability to the next level.  Then how he started doing live performances in night clubs and developed his dynamic presentation-style art.  Now he opens for Blue Man Group and has traveled the world bringing his unique talent to the world.  High energy live painter, Garibaldi pumps up the music and gets the somewhat staid art mavens clapping to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ as he starts the first of two pieces.

He is animated…actually a mild term to describe his performance.  Dance and paint to loud music….rhythm and hue I think he said.  At one point he asks…“Do people still care about the arts?”

A second finished painting within ~15 minutes!  Final jump to place his last overhand, in-the-air splash of paint on the oversized, black canvas brought the audience to a standing ovation to end the evening.

I agree, it’s an exciting time to live in Sacramento…..people have been thinking this for how many years?   We’ve know it how long?   It’s time!

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