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What exactly IS the Jackie Greene Phenomenon? by KC Moore

June 5, 2010

Jackie Greene at Fairytale Town

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The word that comes to mind is love, the fans love him.  I admit I have wanted to catch his act since sactown magazine featured him over 2 years ago.  He has evolved, new hairstyle I observe, longer, funky ponytail and fedora but then, I’m new to it all.

Tonight at the Mother Goose Stage, Fairytale Town in Sacramento was the venue.  It’s a hometown charity event in a fabulous setting.  I admit before the show I went to seek an autograph.  Jackie was personable and thanked me for coming out as he signed my magazine with his face on the cover.  I wasn’t prepared for the flash of his smile, like a laser.  Then, he accommodated a photograph with a guy and his girlfriend with ease. Nice. Several others spoke to him and took his picture; I didn’t detect arrogance or impatience.  I’m already a fan; I’ll add Johnny Depp to the many descriptors I’ve heard of him after an up close encounter.

The crowd experience is yet another facet….young and old, long-hair and shaven, moving and clapping in Sacramento where I heard once “people are too cool to dance”.  This was Americana; fans enjoying themselves, blankets on the grass, under the trees, perfect weather and setting sun – idyllic.  Listening to the music, I still found myself watching the people.  I see happy faces, kids running hand-in-hand, people engaged with each other and the sweetness of the overall experience.  It flashes a memory of the flower children!  “The thrill is gone” he wails; no way, this crowd is lovin’ it.  I’m asking myself, where is the documentary on this?

I find a better location for viewing the stage and note how courteous the audience is to each other and our performer.  Turning to watch the crowd again, couples swaying, middle age women dancing unashamed, pre-teens cruising, little ones arm-in-arm, people smiling…I realize this is a cultural phenomenon.  I haven’t experienced this in some many decades! Some of the riffs produce audience glee, it seems to pull at something, and I stretch somewhere within to accommodate it.  It’s mostly a standing crowd, is that Stevie Ray Vaughn I gasp?

Returning to our place at stage left, I see a blanket buddy returning to friends who playfully call her ‘groupie’, she smiles and gives a move, not ashamed to enjoy herself.  The lyrics you cannot forget “just don’t let the devil take your mind…”

The second set is starting; I look to the left to see the most amazing star. It’s the uber-bright Venus I believe, there among the tree limbs.  Yes, his star is rising too; secretly I wish he’d stay our little secret.

2 hours later at home, not ashamed to admit I bought 2 CDs which I’m still playing as I write.

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  1. rob permalink

    Well described jackie experience. I have always wondered where is the documentary for a national audience. Jackie represents so many positive aspects of our country and culture. Coming from parents of mixed ethnic backgrounds who provided him with the guidance and freeedom to pursue his love for music. Jackie is a success due to his hard work and committment to what he wants to play. No gimmicks toward quick fame. And for these and many other reasons many people love jackie and what he represents. Very difficult to be a cool guy while being polite, family oriented and hard working. Many of the things missing in our society and in our biggest stars. And yes, jackie looks like somebody but more important he stands for something aside from his fantastic music.

    • Well said! If you’re one of the lucky ones you will see him again in Sacramento this August.

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