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July 17, 2010

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Artists put their work out to the public at the risk of rejection.  Galleries are continually being approached by waves of hopeful souls who want to reach out through their art.  I found my self at the creative side of saying ‘no’ when I coordinated gallery shows.  Juried show will turn out differently even with the same jurors, just on another day.  These decisions are continually being made.

I believe Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting while alive!  While not understood at the time, his work is now loved.  Thirty-nine years ago, MoMA had turned Yoko Ono away but has now re-assessed their decision. Read her story…

In an unbelievable letter they decline a gift from Andy Warhol in 1956.

It is nothing new, but it still doesn’t feel good.  As sensitive as artists are to be in order to bring their work to the world, they must have a disapproval-resistant skin.  They need to develop their passion along with an attitude that will not look to others for their value.

I believe the gift we have is the fruit of the spirit.  A favorite quote from Leonardo da Vinci expresses it…“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”

Success can have an altering effect as well.  It can elevate us to unrealistic self-worth and pride.  Therefore, in spite of success or failure, the artist must be faithful to the statement they are given, the message to their generation.  It really doesn’t matter that it’s understood.

While we do not presume to put ourselves in the same league as the above mentioned artists, we can realize everyone faces this situation.  We all will be rejected by someone, someday….let’s not have it discourage the creative force in us.

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  1. It’s alweays so nice to hear our feelings voiced, and we artists need to hear it again and again. How does one develop that tough skin and stay joyful and receptive inside? But yes, I have had brutal rejections and after I pick myself up and dust myself off, I am so grateful for the catalyst that drives me higher… or maybe it just drives me crazy!

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