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Kelly Peterson of Layers of Color Brings New Commercial-Grade Paints to the Local Art Scene! By KC Moore copyright August 2010

August 3, 2010

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Important to Artists! Non toxic, full color range, archival acrylic paints!  These colors offer high pigment loads, good saturation and luminosity, and they dry to a low gloss finish, which is compatible with most glazing and finishing techniques.

I love all entrepreneurial people but, I especially love seeing this trait in women.  There, I said it, and I am privileged to know some amazing business women.  Kelly Peterson ranks high in my top five.

Tonight Kelly unilaterally decided to jump into a vast and well protected market that only the Big Dogs own.  She is launching a paint distributorship to rival Golden, Utrecht and the like.  She has already started a franchise in the faux finishing sector, but is breathing new life into a sound, green product that has been around for almost a half century.  This product is not available anywhere else in Northern California and she has brought it to Roseville, CA.

Kelly suggested that she launch a product line to artists that had been a staple of the Modern Masters commercial line*.  This week she invited fine and decorative artist friends to play with her new (old) paints.  It was a success!  She hosted the event at the Blue Line Gallery on Vernon Street in Roseville.  Approximately 20 participants were involved including non-painters, male, female, and professional painters of many disciplines.

The finish has a base coat of Modern Masters Metallic Copper paint and with Modern Masters Shizen Kyoto plaster troweled on top. This plaster has fibers in it that when dry, creates a beautiful texture. A warm brown/gray glaze was applied over the plaster to help accentuate the fibers for more interest. This finish can be applied on walls, furniture or cabinetry and of course, canvas

I have painted with acrylics for years and found the Modern Masters JWR Artist Acrylics brand to compete well.  I tried every test of layering, scraping, blending, and glazing that I could think of within the couple of hours we had to play. A water color artist used them like water color; another achieved nice blending into spheres.  My assessment is that we need to take a closer look at these paints.

About the Brand:

JWR-Artist’s Acrylics were originally formulated for professional artists in the greater Los Angeles area in 1962. The need arose for a versatile, concentrated, acrylic paint that could be used by fine artists, designers, graphic artists and decorative artists alike. Modern Masters has created a full line of acrylics with the necessary attributes that allow for different application techniques. Long brush stroke, high pigment concentration, consistent matte finish, interior and exterior durability and compatibility with all other water-based paints have made Modern Masters the professional’s choice for decorative artist acrylics.

Advantages of Modern Masters /JWR-Artist’s Acrylics:

  • Comprehensive Color Range – I counted 45, including all the traditional with Hans Yellow, Quinacridone Magenta, Unbleached Titanium and Hookers Green…is this not fascinating?
  • Interior/Exterior Permanent Pigments – Excellent light-fast rated pigments for exterior murals and signage.
  • Concentrated Colors – Use our artist colors to tint water base glaze (used for decorative/faux painting) instead of expensive and limited, universal colorants.
  • Brushable Consistency – Paint can be used from the jar without diluting and has a creamy, easy to brush consistency.  (I used it on both a gesso-covered board and canvas to compare.  Good on both)
  • Easily Dispersed in Water – Can be diluted easily in water for watercolor techniques and air brushing.
  • Matte Finish – All colors dry to a consistent matte finish.
  • Non-Toxic – Perfect for decorative murals or stenciling in children’s rooms.

Price Range: 6oz. Size is $7.95 – $15.25 for the Quinacridone line.  They also offer product in 16 oz. and Gallon sizes, remember they are also commercial providers….for many decades!

Contact: Layers of Color, Modern Masters Platinum Training Center for more information at

* Their Metallic Paints are used at theme parks around the world because of their great performance and lifespan.

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