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Ghosts of the Present

September 11, 2010
Ghosts of the Present

In Memory

We all remember where we were the morning of September 11th just 9 years ago.  My husband called to tell me to turn on the TV.  I sat stunned and watch the second plane enter the Twin Towers; frozen, praying, what else can we do at the moment.  Our son had friends working there.

I allow life to influence my work and this was my was of expressing grief and anger.  Later, Sacramento hosted the 9-11 Traveling Exhibition.  I spoke with the curator who explained that it came here first on the tour because our firemen were the first on the scene in NYC.  He had collected the pictures and notes papering the city in the aftermath.  These were the stories about the friends and family members lost in the attack.  I submitted a print of my painting which joined the exhibition touring all over America.

Every year I display this piece and this year I am offering 9 prints to represent the 9 years  we have lived with this collective memory.  Each print is signed, numbered and stamped.

They are available through the Kennedy Gallery of Sacramento.  916.716.7050


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