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Larry Carnes Bird Houses by KC Moore Copyright 2010

September 21, 2010

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Larry Carnes has introduced a series of new work; this is the third in a 7-part introduction of them.

Birdhouse by Larry Carnes

Birdhouse by Larry Carnes

When Larry moved to Ojai, he left not only the wonderful hills of Auburn, CA but he also left one of his new bird house designs.  He liked where it was situated on a railing that circled the deck, near the house.  When he returned to Applegate after the first winter to check on the house, he noticed a bunch of debris at the base of the little bird house.  As he leaned to take a look inside a little House Wren stuck his head out inquiring as to his business!

Birdhouse by Larry Carnes

The bird had found a happy environment within to nest.  The houses are constructed of tall cylinders approximately 18” topped with a 5-6” round form, with an entrance hole including a perch, to create the nesting area.  Inside he places narrow flat slats of clay suspended across to provide a foundation for a nest. The bottom is open so debris falls down inside and can be easily cleaned.  The entry is large enough to accommodate several different species of birds looking for a place to build a nest.

Some of his bird houses have clay bird images on the outside walls and actually sitting on top of the forms.  He uses mostly earth tones to decorate the houses, nothing light reflective or unnatural.  While he will use some blues in the decorations they will be muted, nothing bright or shocking to a bird’s sensitivities.

Learn more about the master potter, Larry Carnes at

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