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House of the Golden Bones by KC Moore©

October 13, 2010

This is the dog house I recently painted for a local charity called Homeward Bound.  This organization is the Sacramento-based Golden Retriever Rescue.  They are holding their 10th Annual Fiesta Del Oro event to raise funds and awareness for their program.  They will host Live and Silent Auctions, with food, wine & beer tasting and entertainment on this coming Saturday October 16th.  The VIP Reception is at 2pm with General Admission at 3pm going until 7pm.

Why not become a sponsor or bid on a dog house?

Purchase tickets by calling 916.655.1410

Side View

Dog House by KC Moore

My house is a large dog igloo painted with acrylics; it measures almost 4 feet long.  The bones were white acrylic covered with Modern Masters products*.  I first applied their metallic Champaign acrylic, and then lightly covered with their Highlite Orange Mica Powder mixed in clear coat.  What is interesting is that they reflect light with a soft orange glow so your puppy can see them at night!

It is double coated with Modern Masters industrial strength ‘Master Clear’.  The reason I mention this is to assure a buyer that the design will stand up to the California sun and the design will not fade.  These paints have been used for over 50 years at locations like Disneyland and recently they started introducing them to artists.

I have had many wonderful comments about my design and trust that it will be home to a very happy puppy on Saturday!  I’m calling it ‘The House of the Golden Bones’.

*Modern Masters products are eco-friendly; they have low VOC (volatile organic compounds) so it is ‘extremely green’ and they produce no chemicals in the air.  For more information write to

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