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Doggy Do

November 10, 2010

I volunteered to paint a dog house, actually a dogiloo© for Homeward Bound, a Golden Retriever Rescue organization this month.  Read about it in my blog at

“House of the Golden Bones” at

It must be the month because coincidentally, we hosted a parade of dogs at Kennedy Gallery on 10-30-10.  It was fun to see all dog breeds in unusual and clever costumes.  There was a parade led by our own Michael Kennedy and many prizes.  The exact count was unknown but if you add owners also in costume, it was well over 100.

The costumes as I mentioned were darling; think Chihuahua in a shark suit!  There was a pit bull in a clown outfit complete with wig and horn!  We had an angel Chihuahua and an Aztec one too.  There were several bumblebees, cowboys, and Dracula’s, a spider and even Lady Gaga.  Some of the owners were also in costume.  It was quite the doggy-do!

All pups got along nicely; wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could?

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