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Fun Day Today

November 19, 2010

Today is nothing but fun, I’m doing whatever I want and so I find myself on the computer playing with artwork.  It seems that I spend more time promoting other artists and art events that I rarely post anything personal.  Today it’s all about me.  I have never spent a day where I have myself as the focus so it’s a bit novel.

I want to share a couple of things that I’ve never covered about myself and my painting.  First thing is that I had one class in art in high school.  It was a 6-week class and I was sick on the day we chose a famous painting to copy.  When I got back all that was left was extreme abstract art that I didn’t understand.  I chose Chagall‘s  ‘I and my Village’.  I’m still looking for it because I did a very good job on it.  After high school I had taken a watercolor class and did fine in it but found that the medium is too unpredictable.  Fast forward to ~1976 I borrowed my Mother’s oil paints and did this painting I called ‘Cosmic Sunset‘ I think.    After painting this picture I knew I’d eventually be a real painter.  It wasn’t until the kids were on their own that I remembered to pick it up.

Gretchen Ryan was my first real teacher at ARC.  She taught me how to set up my palate and basic color wheel.  During that period I painted mostly at night sometimes finishing several pieces in a single night.  It was as if the flood gate had burst open and I couldn’t paint fast enough.  I’ve been fortunate to be in galleries from the start.  I spent over 10 years at the famous Midtown Gallery on J Street and have shown in dozens of local galleries.  Now I am part of the Kennedy Gallery in Sacramento.  Michael Kennedy has brought together a group of fabulous artists and I’m proud to be counted in their number.

It has been a privilege to learn from other artists like Thomas Nash, Igor Babilov, Gary Pruner, Howard Stover, Lund C Tim, Bobbi Baldwin, Susan Sarback and others.  Since my art training was imprinted by accomplished artists, I feel blessed to have had such a rich and personal education.

I now have almost 300 paintings in my portfolio.  Many are still a work in progress but today I’m reflecting about the ‘Journey’ I’ve been on and where it started.


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