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6th Annual Youth Invitational©

December 7, 2010

KC Moore originated this event at Midtown Gallery to celebrate young people demonstrating ability and interest in the arts.  This year it is to be hosted at the Kennedy Gallery at 1114 20th Street in Sacramento.  ‘Children of the Arts’© will exhibit at a 2nd Saturday opening night.  They have been invited by professional artists, gallery owners and art teachers.  The purpose is to encourage young artist to use their gifts.

“I was amazed at how articulate these young artists can be in discussing their work” states KC Moore.   “We provide a real gallery opening night so they can become comfortable interacting with the public and showing their art.  They bring a lot of enthusiasm to the gallery.”

There is no competition and no lower age limit.  The youngest at this point was 3-year-old with a passion for photography.  She was a grandchild of a local gallery owner; her photographs reflected her unique perspective of the world.  By invitation-only, these High School age or younger artists are selected to participate.  Please join us in celebrating their debut into the world of art in Sacramento.

When:  January 8th, 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Where:  1114 20th Street, downtown Sacramento, CA

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