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What is Art by Audience©???

December 7, 2010

It is an interactive art experience, the collective group actually chooses the elements of a painting and KC Moore delivers it at the event.  She never knows what she will be presented; but will take what has been chosen and will compose a painting.

Example of Art by Audience©

It began as an answer to the continuous request for donations.  Artists, the first to suffer in a bad economy are continually asked to donate original art to charity.  In a way, it is oxymoronic, but has become the accepted avenue for charities.  After watching my painting auction for a lot of money, over and over, I decided to develop ‘Art by Audience©’.  I began as a formula where I simply covered my costs.

It evolved into a party environment.  Now, I offer this interactive experience to small intimate parties for their enjoyment.  In it, they choose from hundreds of photographs, dozens of paints, special effects, colored canvases, music styles, themes and I make a painting with their choices…on the spot!  The person who booked the party owns the original painting.  I never know what I may have to deal with but it has always been fun for me and the guests.  I offer a limited edition print series, signed and numbered for the participants.

Art by Audience© is perfect for family parties, bridal showers, business gatherings.  As you plan your festivities, think about a totally unique party experience!

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