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2011 – A Year of Challenge

January 2, 2011

New Year’s has always allowed me to spend time in self analysis and decide what changes to make.  I reflect on what I did and didn’t do during the previous year.  Why I ask, is there always so many things to ‘fix’?  I remember when it was biting my fingernails….that one I’m glad to report reached permanent success.  Some of the patterns will be personal, and probably some professional.

The Trail©, digitally altered photograph by KC Moore

The Trail©, digitally altered photograph by KC Moore

Since change of any pattern takes about a month I decided to take every month and make habitual changes that seem to hang me up in my daily life.  Sad to say, there have been many years where I started with the same resolution because I never got it done.  Saying that and understanding how hard it is to make a change, the habit or behavior I will select will not be earth-shaking but practical.   First on my list is part of the daily routine that has become chaos.  I don’t know what it will be next month, but with the success I anticipate in breaking a couple of bad habits I expect to set another challenge.

I may even ask trusted friends to point out the areas where I seem to be less than par.  However, that could be a risky, vulnerable position so I may wait on that.  Change can also require courage so I may just work up to it.

Regardless of the measure of success, I trust I can do better in the new year.  I challenge you to set the standard of your life, your values a little higher – enough to make you stretch.  I resolve to get out of the comfort zone this year!  How about you?


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