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Fabulous Night! Youth Invitational at the Kennedy Gallery

January 8, 2011

It was my privilege to honor ‘Children of the Arts‘© at the wonderful Kennedy Gallery in Sacramento during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

This Invitation-Only Art Show has become a passion for me over the past 6 years.  It makes me realize how important is to celebrate our children and their unique talents.  Each one has an individual hand print, thumb print and signature style.  Art allows for and celebrates that individuality.  Tonight I had the privilege to hand out a Certificate of Participation to 17 artists chosen by the art community.  They were selected by art teachers, professional artists or gallery owners.  Every child should be celebrated, I am thankful I could honor these 17.

Gretchen Ryan spoke to the young artists explaining that color gives us joy.  She explained that there are thousands of colors but they originate from just 3.  How much we can do with that!  Then she challenged them (homework) to know the 7 colors of the rainbow.  Next year she wants them to be able to draw the rainbow.

Two things I loved this year….our youngest entrant at age 3-1/2, his piece was entitled ‘Roads’.  He took his toy car and ran it through the paint.  Another was the title of a piece that was so intreguing…’The Bark of a Thousand Colors’.  Loved It!  Marion, a delightful young artist will not join us next year because she will have graduated.  I have had great pleasure in meeting these young ‘Children of the Arts’© for the past several years and hope to say someday “I knew the when”.

It really doesn’t matter if they continue and become professional artists.  What matters to me is that they had a moment in the sun.  Fascinating it is to be in the position to make a positive affect on the lives of others.

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