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Resolution be #@*&;%…or Breaking Through?

January 11, 2011

OK, it’s well into the New Year, day 11.  It’s 1/11/11.  So far I cannot give myself better than a B, mmmaybe a C+ at my puny resolution.  I chose what should be a simple pattern to change.  I chose it as the basis of a transformation for the whole year based on the huge, easy success of a no-brainer.  I trust that I can remove this pitiful grade by month-end.  But, enough about me, how are you doing?

On this subject, I read a helpful post today by Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine that helped me so I’m passing it on.  It’s entitled “Don’t Stumble at the Starting Line”.

Here’s the link…

Breaking Through© Oil painting by KC Moore

Breaking Through is exciting, rewarding and difficult

I’ve been a straight A student and one called ‘an underachiever’.  I know I can do both…I want my ‘A Game in 2011’.  How about you?

Darn, it takes work to even make a simple change.

Admit it, it’s hard to change anything.  I’ve been told it take doing something for 30 days to make a new habit and I’ve already sorta failed…do I start again?  Is it days 1 because it wasn’t perfect?

I read just recently about a super-model who said she committed to taking a multi-vitamin every day.  That was it.  Even that is hard.  Not hard in the sense of we can’t do it, just hard in the sense that there are so many distractions we can’t even get water into our bodies.  Today, at the health food store I was told to take my weight and cut it in half.  That is the amount of ounces of water I should consume.  OK, now without getting that personal, we can count.  So say I’m 110 pounds (yeah) I need 55 ounces of water….I probably don’t reach that either.

I was told once to find the weakest part of my life and work to make it my strength.  Maybe it’s water, I know I don’t hydrate to my need, but I chose a different first step.  Water is important, and after I get past a step I’m too embarrassed to talk about because it’s too freakin simple I’ll get to water.


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