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How to get past Artist Block or 10 Ways to get Your Mojo back ©by KC Moore 1/31/11

January 31, 2011

All of us face the block once in a while.  I find it’s when most of the blood in my brain goes to the business side.  I love the business side of art, the promotion and reaching out.  However, I realize this is counter-productive to creativity.  Here are ten suggestions that I employ at moments without the spark.

  1. Start with a blank canvas – just blindly pick a paint and make a mark, you will have to respond to it somehow.
  2. Keep a box where you keep fascinating pictures or interesting color combinations, and occasionally go through them for ideas.
  3. Just set up your easel, brushes, pallet ready to go so there is no start-up time when inspiration hits.
  4. Listen to new music: foreign language, style you are not familiar – it wakes up new neuron chains in the brain.
  5. Think about your favorite thing, it makes you happy and inspired – it gives us joy and allows us to replenish our spirit.
  6. Take a day trip to the mountains, ocean, desert or scenic location to fill up your senses.
  7. Sit in a comfortable chair and be silent for 1 hour, no writing, visual, auditory input, it’s an exercise in being alone.
  8. Learn something new, a technique or medium you’ve never tried before.
  9. Take a journey back to the beginnings of your art, where were you when you knew you’d be an artist?
  10. Make a weekly Artist Date (I go to a movie or shopping with another artist).

What do you do when you face this issue?  I would love to find more ideas to share and have in my toolbox.

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