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“The” Bob Smith of the 1960’s by ©KC Moore 2011

February 1, 2011

“When you start out as an artist, you make it really big or you are obscure.  Bob made it big!”  Toni Smith is remembering fondly her late husband’s long, varied, successful art career.  His story reads like a too-good-to-be true novel.  The famous people and places, the awards; it may be every artist’s dream of which I write.

Toni is just at the point where she can revisit his legacy.  She lost him 2 years ago to pancreatic cancer.  She was his muse, his secretary, his love.  Now she can finally, fondly remember his career in art. Tears can be close to the surface but she revels in the story-telling and the memories.

In our discussion, she mentions he studied at Chouinard, that he knew Madame Chouinard.  He studied with Seiqueiros in Mexico, worked for prestigious firms in animation like Disney, Hanna Barbara and Marvel.  His work was displayed at the White House, is listed in Davenport’s Art Guide* and won 5 Emmy Awards.  We will explore his opening night in Hollywood, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.  He is in permanent collections of Library of Congress, Smithsonian, and the Metropolitan Museum.

His artwork encompassed oil paintings, pastels, watercolor, serigraphs and animation.  As we unfold his story, we will expand upon a rich life in the world of art.  Most of the memories will be by his loving wife of almost 26 years.  This is the beginning of the story of his life.

*Davenports Art Reference and Price Guide the 2001/2002 edition (page 1725)

  1. Donna O'Neil permalink

    Wow, Toni. What an impressive man and artist; and how kind looking his picture is. I would like to read more.

    • Thanks for your interest, we will have many stories from research and interviews in the weeks ahead! KC

  2. Larry Martin permalink

    Bob was my painting instructor while I was attending Chouinard in 1965, he was most influential to my art and painting career. I am now semi-retired, teaching screen printing and graphic arts to young people at a local high school in San Jose Ca. I currently teach “old school art techniques” i.e.
    serigraphy, painting and drawing; much now is lost to the unimaginable computer. I look forward to hear more about Bob and his legacy
    Sincerely Larry Martin

  3. Margarita Erwin permalink

    I know Toni and she told me to look up this website.. I am very impress myself and the story about her husband, I am so happy that Toni allowed to know about her husband and she is all so an amazing person her self.

    • True that! She is a woman to be admired. Living with the man and his work and enduring in the legacy of such a talented artist is bittersweet. I too am pleased that she is able to share her stories with us.

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