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The 20-20 Show © KC Moore

May 10, 2011
  • How do you start?
  • Where does the inspiration come from?
  • How can you put a ‘collection’ of 20 works surrounding a single theme and palette and make it sing?

There are probably many ways to approach it, as individual as each artist.  I believe that it’s a higher power for this series.  A challenge like this is a stretch beyond my own ability in ways hard to define.  It took many influences to make this happen for me.

I decided to participate in the 20-20 Show without any idea of what it could/would be. I had decided it would be nothing like I’ve ever done before.  I had just recently heard the statement ‘Choose Life’ and it in some way made an impact right at this pivotal moment.  That is what started the vision of my series entitled ’Choices’.

My initial statement of the theme was totally out there.  I wrote “Art reaches the viewer at a playing field below the spoken word at the senses and feelings.  (I read that in a book somewhere) With an expressionistic approach KC Moore will explore approaches we make, the positive ones.  The selection of her palette will express the joy experienced in the beneficial choices.  Movement will provide the feeling of exhilaration.  An undercurrent of embedded symbology will also tie the series together.  This series will be a kaliedoscope of color and movement making one striking statement – make good choices.”

Wow, now I had stepped out there!  Initially I drew the entire series on a 4×8 sketch pad. This was the easy part, the ideas came quickly.  They were captured in a postage stamp size sketch. As the series developed, I changed some details or embraced something entirely different.

The designs came easily but the selection of the colors was tedious, tortuous even. I spent many hours working with paints to develop the pallet for the series.  Finally I got the combo.  I wanted to combine colors that I’ve never worked with before plus incorporate metallic paints.  I bought several from Kelly Peterson who has the local franchise of Modern Masters acrylic line.

Then came the wood panels.  I’d never worked on wood panels before but I decided to let the roughness be part of the effect.   They are protected with a gesso coating first.  Other artists spent time making the finish very smooth but I looked at the imperfections as part of the finished piece.

I painted the designs on the panels but they still didn’t sing for me… and I remained blocked for weeks.  Painter’s block!  PANIC!  Then a fortuitous visit to Michaels gave me the next step…bling!

I added purple and pink rhinestones to the design, added more swirls designs and it finally came together.  My vision, from February started to take final shape.

Finishing was yet another decision.  The question of varnish was answered by my husband.  He liked the depth provided by Minwax.  He also thought that 2 coats would be best although it is darker, I liked the result too.

Here I am at the end of multiple decisions but still trying to bring about the initial vision statement.  I am at peace with the results, I love them myself.  However, all the choices I made will ultimately be judged by art buyers.  Friends have already provided positive comments but the truth will be known at the gallery show.

20-20 is in itself a bit misleading.  We will put up 20 panels for the show.  However, we have made 25.  If someone is leaving town but wants to purchase a piece, we have a few replacements.

I encourage you to visit the Kennedy Gallery at 1114 20th Street in downtown Sacramento, CA.  The show is up between May 4 through June 4th.  By the way, the large rhinestone broach in the picture also plays a part (the bling), it is my husband’s grandmother’s and I had just won it through a hotly competitive silent auction at the recent family reunion.  I will be wearing it at the opening night in honor of the family I married; the experience inspired the panel, entitled ‘Choose Family’. 

So I really don’t know how to summarize all of this except, it’s done, I’m glad it’s done but I had help along the way.


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