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May 14, 2011

Thursday night was the preview of the annual 20-20 Show.  The show originated at the 20th Street Gallery by Jim and Joanne Ferry.  They have handed the baton to the Kennedy Gallery Art Center to continue the tradition.

The resident artists have cleared the entire space and devoted it to this endeavor.  This is a one month transformation.  The artists of the Kennedy Gallery Art Center welcomed over 40 other artists for this first time gallery event.

ETHNIC WOMAN Ceramic by Michele Fisher

ETHNIC WOMAN Ceramic by Michele Fisher

I am delighted to be a participant in the experience.  I’ve wanted to do it for years but schedule and commitment have prevented it.  The process of developing 20+ pieces of art from a vision statement is quite an experiment.

It causes an artist to stretch and challenge themselves.  I’m glad I did it; I’ve produced a small body of work I would never have had the pressure/pleasure to make.

At the preview night on Thursday, I spoke with Jim Grimes, an art teacher.  He and I got into a conversation about art, painters, shows, etc.   He mentioned artists and teachers I knew or knew of; like Fred Dalkey, Wayne Thiebaud and Gary Pruner.  [I find the art world of Sacramento has pockets of artists divided by age, galleries and art schools, etc.]  I digress, we exchanged cards and pleasantries and parted ways with a hand shake of friendship.

PAINT BRUSH BOX in Wood by Phil Meyers
PAINT BRUSH BOX by Phil Meyers

Today I recalled our conversation and wondered how he responded to our show so I gave him a call.  He was gracious to my request and some of the words he used to describe his reaction are “impressed, overwhelmed with the diverse selection and subjects, quite delightful..actually speechless.”   He said that he was impressed and that “there was nothing I wouldn’t spend time with”.  He was intrigued with how to do this kind of show and wanted to share it with his students. In regards to that, it certainly was an experience for me, so I guess if you haven’t done it you cannot relate.

Back to the show…we represent over a dozen communities as far as Jackson, Pollock Pines, El Dorado and Elk Grove and all the Sacramento area.  This show represents most of the contemporary art media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed-media, metal patina, photography, sculpture, ceramic, graphite and wood.  This is the first year the 20-20 Show has included fine art photography because it has become an art form of its own.

In this process, each artist develops 20+ original pieces of art within a central theme.  Each is a body of work that stands alone; often it is a unique series differing from their ‘normal’ work.

THE END - Metal Patina by Deidre
THE END – Metal Patina by Deidre

Saved for last is the best part, there is a price cap which makes this the most affordable way to own original art ever.  Join us tonight for 2nd Saturday or during the coming month to view the best show in Sacramento.  We are located at 1114 20th Street in downtown Sacramento.  Gallery hours are 11-6pm Tuesday through Saturday.  You can call to arrange a private showing at 916.716.7050 or 916.276.7751.

‘The End’, metal patina by Deidre Daugherty was purchased by former Mayor Heather Fargo but will remain on display for the month.

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