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Early Work of Robert Alan Smith Predicts Greatness

May 28, 2011

An artist destined to be great is sometimes evidenced early in life.  Robert Alan started out very good and went on to be great.  In researching his life I have found an early finger painted piece he did in 6th grade.  He signed on it “Robert A. Smith – 6th Grade. ”  It shows the artistic eye and several sophisticated techniques.  It is significant that he signed it.

Art by Robert Alan Smith - 6th Grade

When you recognize talent in a young person I feel it should be rewarded and encouraged.  Fortunately,  a neighbor in South Pasadena gave him some paints.  Bob immediately took them into his bedroom and closed his door.   He taped a piece of paper on the back of his door and began to experiment.  It came to him “this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”  So by that small gift, the career choice was cemented in his mind.  As a High School senior, he had already had decided on a career in art.

He left high school early to enlist in the Navy thus missing his graduation.  He served in WWII and as a returning GI enrolled to Chouinard Art Institute through the GI Bill.  I am including that finger painting.  As his story is told, we will see his greatness become demonstrated.

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