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Native © by KC Moore

June 17, 2011

There are paintings that make significant junctures in the career of an artist, Native is mine.  I had already been a gallery artist when several personal tragedies came within one year.  I found as a result, my art was dark and angry.  We cannot hide what is inside because it comes out in the art.  That is important to understand because it places the artist in a vulnerable position, naked in a way.

Well, at one point I decided to stop painting altogether because I didn’t want to put anymore destruction out.  I spoke with a song writer and he had made the same decision.  This was incidentally the year following 9-11.  A friend, master artist Howard Stover had invited me to audit one of his painting classes at a local college.  His process involved supplying acrylic paints and a large box of pictures to use as a springboard to paint.  I chose one that was compelling; it was a native man dancing and caught in a moment of joy.  The background was barren and told me that he had nothing by which we set our standard in American -yet he was joyful.  I do not know the source of the picture nor the location but it brought me to the decision that I would not paint another negative piece.

This then became my logo, my reminder to put joy to the world instead of more grief.  This year I will start using a stylized version as my official logo.  Meanwhile, I have a series of 100 signed and numbered prints available for sale at

Recently another site has chosen it for their unique collections which pleases me tremendously….share the joy!

I received this message from giftsEclectic…..

Your wonderful “signature” piece was included in a collection (“Dance of Joy”) curated by another seller on ArtFire.

He made another one – “Dance Like No One’s Watching.”  This is a first for me…I’ve never had the exact same item used twice in such close succession.  Very cool, KC!

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