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Jackie Greene Concert © by KC Moore

July 6, 2011

Last week, June 26th we attended the fund-raising concert by Jackie Greene.  It was hosted at Fairytale Town in South end of Sacramento. The charm of the environment had a nostalgic feel of decades past when life was simpler.  This is the second time I saw him at this venue and it was everything I could have asked and more.  Under the stars, blankets on the grass, amazing crowd (children of all ages) and an all-encompassing musical feast.

Jackie Green 6-26-11

Jackie Greene

Starting with “Don’t let the Devil take your Mind” Jackie and continued with songs the audience knew and sang along.  “Tell me mamma who lights your fire tonight”…the unanimous answer would be Jackie Greene.  Later in the evening he offered “I Heard it Thorough the Grapevine’, Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ and many other crowd pleasers.  You’d think you warped into a Stevie Ray Vaughn club act.

Fifteen feet from the stage,  in a town too cool to dance we were encircled by dancing bodies of all shapes and sizes from bald heads to babies.  Yes, I too was standing most of the night.

I left with a slightly happy/sad feeling:  happy that he is really going to go far and sad that an intimate setting like this will become very rare.  I almost don’t want to share this with the world.

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