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Happy Birthday Bob! © by KC Moore

July 17, 2011

Today would be Robert Alan Smith’s 84thBirthday. He was born 7-17-27 in Pasadena California and lived most of his life within 100 miles.  He was a famous California painter, noted serigraph artist as well as an Emmy Award-winning animator.

Lola, Famous Chouinard Model

Lola, Famous Chouinard Model

He attended the famous Chouinard Art Institute; his work is in famous collections such as the Library of Congress and Smithsonian.  His career spanned over six decades both as a fine artist and animator.  He celebrated his 22nd birthday in Mexico under the instruction of Siqueiros; his 29th working for Disney on Sleeping Beauty.  In his early 30’s he had original serigraphs in the White House.  He won four Emmy Awards when he was in his late 50’s.  He was charged with visual development of The Lion King when he was 62.

Over decades of continual accomplishment, he transformed from the young, unique, brilliantly creative artist to a mature, confident master of his art.

On his 20th birthday, however, he was a young student at Chouinard which offered life drawing classes.  This was a different culture back in the 1940’s and Bob admittedly had never see a nude female; males yes – in school and the military.  Telling the story later he remarked, he was blushing and embarrassed, he said he didn’t know where to look.  Finally he repeated the following statement in his mind – “I’m not looking at a woman, I’m looking at lines and shapes”.

The sketch is of Lola, the famous model at Chouinard – see the note and date next to the signature.  We look forward to sharing more fantastic life stories of Robert Alan aka Bob Smith.

[Early artwork from the Chouinard period is now for sale]  Contact KC Moore at:

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