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Famous Friends © by KC Moore

September 6, 2011
'Chalice' by Howard Bradford

Serigraph by Howard Bradford

Robert Alan Smith was listed among the top artists and had many personal friends who were also well-known.  One such contemporary was Howard Bradford.


Sea's Edge

Howard was listed on many of the same prestigious sites where Robert is found such as Library of Congress, Metropolitan Museum, Who’s Who, etc.  They both enrolled at Chouinard Art Institute at the end of World War II and were early members of the Western Serigraph Institute and showed their work together in many prestigious galleries.   Howard and Robert started out together in the arts early in life and as it would happen, they passed within months of one another in 2008.

Howard Bradford in Monterey

Howard Bradford in Monterey

We have recently uncovered 3 original serigraphs ‘pulled’ by Howard.  One is on a personal Christmas Card.  As often happens, friends will gift art to each other and this appears to be the case.  The notation at the bottom of Sea’s Edge has a personal note from Howard to his friend.

Click here to see a video about Howard Bradford and his wife Dorothy Bowman, also an artist.

What is a Serigraph?  Click this link to read about this art form

Serigraphs of Robert Alan Smith are available for purchase; contact KC Moore at

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