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Research Road Trip September 2011© KC Moore

September 27, 2011

It’s been a season of travel, both personal and professional.  It included an 1,100 mile trip to Ojai, Ventura, Cambria and Carmel the first week and then Sacramento to Portland the next.  Altogether it encompassed well over 2,000 miles through some spectacular scenery.

The trip South was researching the life of artist Robert Alan Smith.  It included photos of where he lived, produced his art and interviews with those who knew him.

RA Smith Bungalow in Ojai

Ojai is the little art community north of Los Angeles where Bob became nationally known and celebrated.  In the Ventura West Marina he met his future wife, Antoinette; they also lived in town after marriage.  We visited Ventura College where Bob taught art for 14 years.  Cambria was another art community we visited where he lived and produced art and then an afternoon in Carmel produced new marketing connections.

My travel north included some art-related connections but the remainder of the week was pleasure.  I look forward to sharing some of the glimpses we gained during this trip into the remarkable life of RA Smith.

  1. Shelley White permalink

    It was wonderful to meet you. I hope the project is going well… praying for you and Toni.

    • Thanks Shelley, this has been a very interesting project. It seems the path opens up more every day. What I am discovering is that this includes part of a ‘lost’ art movement i.e. there is little written about it. I spoke with an art historian yesterday and he thinks I should research and publish information so the history will be recorded. There are few people living who knew of Robert Alan Smith and perhaps a handful that know about the phenomenon of 1950-60’s serigraph art movement. It remains an intriguing pursuit!

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