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The Little Lost Art Movement © KC Moore

September 29, 2011

Wow!  I’ve just finished updating the Fine Art Resume of Robert Alan Smith.  You can read it on the web page listed below.

When you see the long list of exhibitions, awards and collections of his work I believe you will start to see what a huge presence he was.

He was in the vanguard group of artists in the late 1950’s who became incredibly well known for their work in serigraphy.  It caught the attention of museums and galleries nationwide.  I’m including a photograph of one of Robert’s serigraphs being accepted in the Library of Congress.  It is one of 8 pieces they list of his work.

RA Smith Serigraph Accepted into the Library of Congress

RA Smith Serigraph Accepted into the Library of Congress

There is currently very little information on the Western Serigraph Institute or for the entire group of his contemporaries.  Fewer yet are those alive who remember the period.  It appears this is a ‘lost’ art movement we’ve just begun to investigate.

Read the updated Fine Art Resume of Robert Alan Smith:

Crow Flight - Serigraph by RA Smith

Crow Flight - Serigraph by RA Smith

  1. Pattie Whitaker permalink

    I do so enjoy all the updates on Bob! His work is interesting and joyful.

  2. Larry Martin permalink

    Bob was my painting instructor while I was attending Chouinard in 1965, he was most influential to my art and painting career. I am now semi-retired, teaching screen printing and graphic arts to young people at a local high school in San Jose Ca. I currently teach “old school art techniques” i.e.
    serigraphy, painting and drawing; much now is lost to the unimaginable computer. I look forward to hear more about Bob and his legacy
    Sincerely Larry Martin

  3. Theresa permalink

    I have this ‘Crows Flight’ but mine says ‘Soaring Flight’ Anything you may know about this and why it may have a different title? Thank you for all the other info on him. He’s great.

    • Hi Theresa,
      I find it curious that there is another name, could it be a similar design? Is the print signed and titled? What number of the edition do you have? If you wish, send me a photo with full print along with details of all written information (the E number – usually bottom left, the title – center, the print number – bottorm, right). I will be happy to give you additional information. On the kcmgroup blog I posted several articles. I also devote a page about him on My email is
      Yes, his work is wonderful! Warm Regards, KC Moore

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