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From This to That © by KC Moore

October 29, 2011

More than once I’ve  painted a picture and am unsatisfied.  Many times it sits in my studio and nags me.  It has sometimes taken years to complete it to my satisfaction; some still sit.  I realize that without the initial inspiration it would never come about yet the lack of completion is unsettling.

Is Anybody...Out there?

Is Anybody...Out there?

Color of Jazz 4

That inspiration may be simply a holding point until I learn new skills, a new technique or have the next step presented to my consciousness.

One example is a series I did painting live at the Sacramento Jazz festival years ago.   I complete three pieces but the fourth never worked.  It sat.  Then when I was doing another series I randomly picked it up and used the paints of the new grouping with the feelings of the moment and superimposed them.  Now, at that point I could the result – years later!

When I laid the groundwork I wasn’t in the space I found at the later time.  Jazz IV is shown here, incomplete.  Later while investigation deep space with the return of pictures from the Hubble Telescope I blended the initial movement with the distant memory of Pink Floyd – Is Anybody….Out There?  True, thoughts are random but surface at perhaps opportune moments of serendipity.  This particular painting was reiterated several times before even the backdrop was ready as shown in Interim painting 1 and 2.

Interim Painting-1

Interim Painting-1

Who really knows how the creative process works or produces its results.  Here is the result of jazz music, time, space exploration, tripy music and color – let the viewer ponder how, I don’t know.

Interim Painting-2

Interim Painting-2

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