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January 4, 2012


Actually, the original title of my last show was going to be ‘Cocoon’.  The word resonated with me because when you close a door and do not have another open it’s like going into a place of rest.  It seemed to express my sentiment because I am retiring from the gallery scene in Sacramento

Two years ago I was in the 404 Gallery which closed it’s doors, followed by Midtown Framing & Gallery which I had been in for over a decade.  At that juncture I thought I would retire but within a week I was invited into the Kennedy Gallery Art Center.

For the past 12 years I’ve been in an opening night event (sometimes two or three) every month and it became the rhythm of my life.  So without the preparing and moving of art, cataloging etc, there feels like there may be a void.  I am not negative in this thinking, in fact I’m looking forward to retirement.

Recently I read that we should retire ‘to’ something, not from something – but I don’t know what shape or direction it might take.  I started and still coordinate the Annual Youth Invitational, however this year I have a team to help.  This is in the 7th year and it has been a gratifying experience to help young artists find themselves in a real gallery opening.  It has made good changes in many lives.

I’ve had the privilege to coordinate gallery shows, introduce the Guest Artist Program at Midtown Gallery and promote various artists.  I’m sure I will continue promoting, blogging and tweeting about art.  Again, I do not know the direction, but I need the time, space and rest.  I will continue to post new work on my website although at a more leisurely pace.

By the way, I was telling my daughter-in-law about my final show as we strolled and the theme title ‘Cocoon’.  It was then that my 7 year old grandson Henry chimed in, with a very authoritative tone he stated “its Chrysalis Grandma”.  And so it is!

Please join me either Preview Thursday on March 8th from 6-7 pm or 2nd Saturday March 10th from 6-8 pm at the Kennedy Gallery Art Center located at 1114 20th Street in downtown Sacramento, CA.

KC Moore

KC Moore

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