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Surrender, a new Bronze by Bobbi Baldwin © by KC Moore

February 8, 2012

From the womb of the artist’s hands comes the birth of Surrender.  Bobbi Baldwin comments on the release of her new bronze statue.  “I am elated at the outcome born from incredible personal experience.”

SURRENDER shown on slice of petrified wood

The process of taking an emotional journey from concept to a final bronze sculpture was not an easy one. Bobbi has had many experiences with sculpting, but creating something out of pure emotion was harder.  She says it took several approaches.  It began with the ‘hands in the air’ pose but decided that it had been overdone and was cliché.

David Simon at LAAFA (Los Angeles Academy of Fine Art) gave Bobbi clarification about her vision; she states “he helped me to understand that it was the moment before praising God (hands in the air) that we reach a point of understanding. “It is this moment of surrender that I wanted to capture.”

She started with a nude model but decided to clothe her and used the material as part of the metaphor.  The flow of the fabric expresses the sensitivity of life.  Its ripples and wrinkles are thin yet remain weighty – it covers her yet exposes her to the world.

Emotion is evident and supple in the curvature of the body, angle and arch in the foot, fingers, toes, and facial expression.  Every detail adds to the experience including the way her foot and fingers spread out beyond the boundaries of the square representing that life has no boundaries.   The light patina creates a softness to complete the journey, a serene moment of change when despair turns to belief.

Surrender is now available in a series of 49; it measures approximately 6” in all directions and weighs a surprising 2.75 pounds.  From concept to completion, the process took 3 ½ years.

Contact Bobbi Baldwin Art to own this endearing human experience.  Email:

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