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What is the Youth Invitational? © by KC Moore

February 8, 2012

Answer: The opportunity for school-age artists to participate in a real gallery opening.

This is now the 7th Youth Invitational.  It started modestly and has gained momentum over the years.  Art teachers, professional artists or gallery owners invite young artists they wish to encourage.    Some have already won awards and have clear aspirations of becoming career artists.  For those participants, this provides a nice line-item for their resume.  For others, the infatuation in art changes but they take the celebration and experience into other avenues.

Mika at the 1st Youth Invitational

Mika at the 1st Youth Invitational

Jeremy participated as a high school student and says “I sold my first piece of art after being in the show.”  Another young woman Alyse decided to make art her career after her experience.  She is now in the final year of art education curriculum.

Part of the inherent value is public appreciation and part is the affirmation of the importance of art.  We limit the applicants to 20, to provide individual attention and the ability for each one to discuss their work if they choose.   I have been impressed at how articulate a 9-year old can be in discussing their art.  If given the voice, children have much to say to our world.  We encourage them to find the positive influence they can make through art, and help them gain the courage to produce it.

The generation of now is the generation of our future. I like to invest wisely and cannot think of a better bet than children.

This year’s show will be on display at Kennedy Gallery at 1114 20th St, Sacramento, CA from February 11th – March 3rd.

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