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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

December 25, 2012

252_Crystal Winter Scene-4aToday I sit tonight in a relatively warm, safe place and am most thankful for that. I realize that much of this world does not enjoy the same privilege at the moment. We gather with friends and family to celebrate a holy season of remembrance; it honors the birth of Jesus Christ. At the time of his birth the message of the angels was ‘peace on earth, good will toward man’.

This is still good tidings of great joy and my wish for all.

Earlier, I faced this holiday without an idea of a card design. I enjoy making cards for family and friends so I pondered my options. Fortunately in the past year I had gone to my friend’s studio session called ‘Play to Create’ or PTC Day. Kelly Peterson owns a company that does amazing textural and color treatments for interior decorating called Layers of Color. She also distributes Modern Masters acrylics to artists. It is a unique niche that has immense potential for the artist. I have used her paints and special effects and can say I rate them with the best I have used.

This is stream of thought writing and brings me to my solution for a Christmas Card. I had participated in a PTC Day at her studio where she opens her treasure trove and lets artists play. She introduced many textures and novel ideas. Although it was mid-summer, I produced this design used on my personal card this year. It is made with textures, crystals, acrylics I’d have never encountered otherwise.

I send this image to you with the intent of spreading peace; may 2013 become the very best year for you!

Warmest Regards, KC

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