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Again I ask…what is the Jackie Greene Phenomenon? © by KC Moore

September 1, 2013

Jackie Green - 2013

Jackie Green – 2013

It is teens and seniors together; an audience crossing all strata of race, gender or other ‘qualifier’ enjoying music in the same space. A dear friend from New York was celebrating her birthday that night. What better way than to introduce our local guy? Before I knew it she was rockin’ it with the crowd. At one point I looked around and said “There’s not a still bone in this park”. Truly, the audience enjoyed itself as much as the musicians.
The setting is unusual…the Mother Goose Stage at Fairytale Town in Sacramento, California, August 24, 2013. This is the second time I’ve participated…yes, I moved too as did every soul on property. After the show he gave autographs and took pictures with long-time fans. We really love him; he has reached the sweet spot in our hearts. He performed this sold-out fund raiser in spite of being on tour with The Black Crows and heavy schedule.
About Jackie – he is multitalented: writes is own songs and is master of many instruments….the guy in the crowd next to us said ‘virtuoso’. I know it’s said about art, that we know ‘good’ when we see it. And we SEE it! The music world now knows his name; he has quietly played with top entertainers for years but Sacramento is his fan base. I’m happy to say I ‘knew him when’ and wish him all the best. Give it all you’ve got Jackie! Come back often! More at

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