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Photography by Tom Cameron© by KC Moore

September 5, 2013

Photographer, Tom Cameron



Last year I was in Connecticut and happened to get a private tour of the art scene by local photographer, Tom Cameron.

It was an intimate look into rural East Coast art and culture. As a courtesy, I was also privileged to receive his artist-made calendar for 2013.

Two things stand out in his work, first it captures nature in its purity and action, and second I appreciate the profound quotes he applies to them in this calendar. I love the August 2013 page which depicts the time-exposure of shallow water rapids with the quote by another photographer.

Albert Watson said “You can’t just float on the surface, you have to go deep”. The juxtaposition of the raging surface action with the concept of ‘going deep’ invites pondering.

It takes a trained eye to see the ordinary and explore the unusual in it. Mr. Cameron captures snow, still waters, ripples, frost, fog, reflections, rays of the days new light, glistening dew drop on a spider web backed by morning mist, double images of trees and water providing the eye with unusual symmetry and illusion.

Also memorable, he produced perhaps the best photograph of a blue heron I have ever seen; the bird is clear, majestic and captured in perfect harmony with his environment.

I have met many fellow artists exploring this world and bringing its beauty to our awareness. I firmly believe it is worthy to recognize living artists celebrating their unique art journey. Find more images at:

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