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When Things Move

January 20, 2014

When things move we have to listen. Yes!

Many things have bubbled up from the depth this month. It was not apparent until today that I will again write about artists in my 2014 blogs. This was catalyzed by the gift I received by an artist I wrote about last year, a photographer by name of Tom Cameron. His was a 2014 calendar, but the first image showed me he developed new techniques, making the January image very painterly.

This is wonderful! This is what artists do! This thrills my soul!

I love watching changes as artist evolve and move into new places. Picasso had a ‘Blue Period’ and many other well-documented ones, but as I watch myself and others, we all have them…but not so famous or noticed of course.

In the past I’ve blogged about artists at a master level, a full life of artistic achievement. This year I plan to add many that I have had the pleasure to watch including someone brand new.

I personally find it very hard to pick up a paint brush…painful, really. In the morning I will begin again with the artist who taught me to set up my first pallet. I am scared, like a novice. I’ve been in a dead zone and retired almost 2 years ago from the galleries. I have confidence that she can guide me because she did it before, for me and many other artists. It’s a new day….it’s a blank canvas! Aarrg!

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