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May I Introduce

February 18, 2014

watercolor on board

Tulips by Alyse

I’ve counted myself fortunate to know many master artists. I’ve written about several of them and other mid-career artists. As a different approach I want to introduce a brand new, never shown in a gallery art graduate.

She participated in my Youth Invitational in High School. At that time she was inspired by her art teacher Matthew Buckley to pursue an art career. Now she sits at the threshold facing her difficult, wonderful future. It is now that the University of Life must instruct her and open up her path. She must “do the steps” in the words of a New York SoHo Gallery Owner on one of my treks.

oil on canvas

La Jolla by Alyse

I saw her early work, it started with photorealism. During college it became heavy and loose. I predict these are but the start of the many stages of growth for this young artist.

I’ve asked, “What does an artist need?” The art teacher says supplies, another artist says a mentor…..a new artist needs a chance. She will be a gallery artist soon but because I’ve watched her grow and develop, I want to be the first to introduce Alyse Walker. Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world of art!

Contact Alyse:

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