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The Inimitable GRETCHEN RYAN © by KC Moore

March 12, 2014

Gretchen-2008 at Midtown Gallery-aIt was this lady who taught me to set up my first pallet and she has taught many, many successful artist in our region over the years.

As an artist she has explored virtually every medium imaginable. A quick survey of her studio/classroom reveals the trappings of a true, passionate artist: work on wood, canvas, paper, glitter, nails, dozens of award ribbons, crystal, angels, shells, pearls decorating cloth, flowers, tiles, homemade paper, antiques, stained glass, fur from a bison, numerous drawers stocked with stuff to form new works of art, and innumerable other things of interest.

I audited a class in her private studio to interview her for this blog. Some of the statements I heard included “We have to create the feeling first” to one student and “I want you to learn trees” to another. That particular statement triggered a memory of my first lesson where she took the whole class outside to ‘see’. To see how everything reflected on everything else. How the standing water reflected not only the sky but the paint color of the cars in the parking lot.

I spent over a decade as a gallery artist and I owe it largely to this wonderful, talented lady, thank you very much Gretchen Ryan!

Ancient Book of History

Ancient Book of History

She is now honored by a retrospective of her work hosted at Sacramento State University April 1st through 24th at the Robert Else Gallery. Reception: April 11th

This will showcase her hand-made paper books.

The names are intriguing: ‘Ancient Book of History’ and ‘Ancient Book of the Future’, neither is to be read or opened!

Ancient Book of The Future

Ancient Book of The Future

By these books we can glimpse into the past and the future but we can really only know today!

Robert Else Gallery is located at 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA

For more information contact 916.278.6166 or

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