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Launching the Official RA Smith Estate Website © by KC Moore

October 4, 2015

Robert Alan Smith was a career artist spanning 6 decades. When an artist passes away, his estate has to choose how to administer the legacy that remains. We have received numerous emails with questions about his work.   Now we can more easily offer information to the public.

RA Smith died in 2008 and the estate has diligently worked to compile and catalogue the art, historical documents, photographs, etc. Finally, we have developed a website where we can offer first source information and a method of communicating directly with the estate.

We have just launched the official RA Smith Estate Website!

It is just a start. We will continue to add documentation, photos, art and stories so this will provide the best information available.  We would also want to know the type of information the public desires: Perhaps personal stories? Insight into his process?

Feel free to contact us with your requests and we will accommodate as many as possible.

Some details of the life of RA Smith:

Artist On Board

Artist RA Smith on Board

He trained and later taught at Chouinard Art Institute.

He also trained under Sequeiros.

He lived aboard a sailboat in Ventura while painting a sold-out series of very large oil paintings (insert on right).  How did that work?

He lived in Ojai, CA during his serigraph period; he built his own process.

He ran a frame shop/gallery in Pasadena

He had 2 serigraphs hanging in the White House at the same time

He was accepted into the Smithsonian numerous times

He was a romantic artist who cleverly pursued his future wife with very creative means

He taught Printmaking and Design at Ventura College

This man’s life was both accomplished and fascinating. This easily could be a movie or book in the making. Please join us as the journey has just begun.

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  1. M. P. Sarros permalink

    Please, send me any information you have on RA Smith and his work. Thank you.

    • I have written a lot about this artist over several years. Here is a link to my blog that may interest you. The Little Lost Art Movement

      • M. P. Sarros permalink

        Thank you very much.
        What a fantastic panorama of information on Smith and the period! I appreciate all your research and writing.
        Mary Patton Sarros

  2. My pleasure, I gleaned all this information from people who knew him. I did a historical trip of his life a few years ago. Many stories are still to be told….fascinating life. KC

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