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When Things Move

When things move we have to listen. Yes!

Many things have bubbled up from the depth this month. It was not apparent until today that I will again write about artists in my 2014 blogs. This was catalyzed by the gift I received by an artist I wrote about last year, a photographer by name of Tom Cameron. His was a 2014 calendar, but the first image showed me he developed new techniques, making the January image very painterly.

This is wonderful! This is what artists do! This thrills my soul!

I love watching changes as artist evolve and move into new places. Picasso had a ‘Blue Period’ and many other well-documented ones, but as I watch myself and others, we all have them…but not so famous or noticed of course.

In the past I’ve blogged about artists at a master level, a full life of artistic achievement. This year I plan to add many that I have had the pleasure to watch including someone brand new.

I personally find it very hard to pick up a paint brush…painful, really. In the morning I will begin again with the artist who taught me to set up my first pallet. I am scared, like a novice. I’ve been in a dead zone and retired almost 2 years ago from the galleries. I have confidence that she can guide me because she did it before, for me and many other artists. It’s a new day….it’s a blank canvas! Aarrg!

The Official Artistic License © by KC Moore 2013

I recently got mine in the mail! It’s my Official California Artistic License©, a fun, clever idea conceived by Bobbi Baldwin.

Bobbi Baldwin

Bobbi Baldwin

Bobbi is passionate on keeping the creative juices flowing. She teaches The Artist Way, is teacher/mentor for numerous other artists and continually pushes the envelope. In addition to her studio and gallery work, she is an accomplished portrait painter with a specialty in horses. A smile is continually on her friendly face framed with a full head of shoulder-length blonde curls. Everything about her has the exuberance of a spirited artisan. The Artist License© is simply another way for her to remind us to continue to allow ourselves to explore, to create.

This license states…

“Entitles bearer to: Interpret the world into your own point of view – Wear rose colored glasses – Walk to the beat of your own drum – Change perspective and colors of the world often – Speak in broken sentences – Forget small insignificant facts“

KCs Artistic License-a

For a limited time you can order your own keepsake. Contact Bobbi at and provide her with your photograph, name, state and mailing address. She will make sure you have an original Artistic License© in short order. It measures approximately 4” x 2 ½” and is encased in sturdy plastic. You can pay via Pay Pal or Square.

Unfortunately, it is available only in the US at the moment.

It’s been spoken of before but now you can have the official license in your hand. Then feel free to pick up your brush and paint until dawn to your favorite music!

Photography by Tom Cameron© by KC Moore

Photographer, Tom Cameron



Last year I was in Connecticut and happened to get a private tour of the art scene by local photographer, Tom Cameron.

It was an intimate look into rural East Coast art and culture. As a courtesy, I was also privileged to receive his artist-made calendar for 2013.

Two things stand out in his work, first it captures nature in its purity and action, and second I appreciate the profound quotes he applies to them in this calendar. I love the August 2013 page which depicts the time-exposure of shallow water rapids with the quote by another photographer.

Albert Watson said “You can’t just float on the surface, you have to go deep”. The juxtaposition of the raging surface action with the concept of ‘going deep’ invites pondering.

It takes a trained eye to see the ordinary and explore the unusual in it. Mr. Cameron captures snow, still waters, ripples, frost, fog, reflections, rays of the days new light, glistening dew drop on a spider web backed by morning mist, double images of trees and water providing the eye with unusual symmetry and illusion.

Also memorable, he produced perhaps the best photograph of a blue heron I have ever seen; the bird is clear, majestic and captured in perfect harmony with his environment.

I have met many fellow artists exploring this world and bringing its beauty to our awareness. I firmly believe it is worthy to recognize living artists celebrating their unique art journey. Find more images at:

Again I ask…what is the Jackie Greene Phenomenon? © by KC Moore

Jackie Green - 2013

Jackie Green – 2013

It is teens and seniors together; an audience crossing all strata of race, gender or other ‘qualifier’ enjoying music in the same space. A dear friend from New York was celebrating her birthday that night. What better way than to introduce our local guy? Before I knew it she was rockin’ it with the crowd. At one point I looked around and said “There’s not a still bone in this park”. Truly, the audience enjoyed itself as much as the musicians.
The setting is unusual…the Mother Goose Stage at Fairytale Town in Sacramento, California, August 24, 2013. This is the second time I’ve participated…yes, I moved too as did every soul on property. After the show he gave autographs and took pictures with long-time fans. We really love him; he has reached the sweet spot in our hearts. He performed this sold-out fund raiser in spite of being on tour with The Black Crows and heavy schedule.
About Jackie – he is multitalented: writes is own songs and is master of many instruments….the guy in the crowd next to us said ‘virtuoso’. I know it’s said about art, that we know ‘good’ when we see it. And we SEE it! The music world now knows his name; he has quietly played with top entertainers for years but Sacramento is his fan base. I’m happy to say I ‘knew him when’ and wish him all the best. Give it all you’ve got Jackie! Come back often! More at

Sisters, Twins, Artists

Two Paintings

Two Paintings

Sisters, Twins, Artists Lisa & Lori

Sisters, Twins, Artists Lisa & Lori

Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer bring their opposites into collaborative artistic expression.  I was introduced to them at their studio in Bend, Oregon in the historic Old Mill District.  Their current work features fiber art, although their history and skill sets come from diverse beginnings.

Both studied for degrees in art from University of Oregon.  Lisa delved into print making, black and white work, and prefers realistic expression; Lori painted and is a colorist.  They entered their art careers separately but in the recent years began to collaborate using fabric.

They have developed a unique synergy in producing art together – they take turns.  Without a determined subject they literally start with a blank piece of fabric.  One after another they layer ideas and textures until the image begins to formulate.  A finished hanging may contain up to a thousand independent stitched pieces.  Lori said they toggled between landscapes and architecture as a rule and their work has won awards and accolades from collectors.

While it is common for artists to make changes and move into new territory, these twins entered into painting through a phenomenal experiment.  After deciding to explore painting together, they set up canvases and waited.  For weeks they stared at the two blank canvases.  Finally, as their habit is, one said, “Today we will paint.”  There was an hour allotted and they set up easels so they could not see what the other was doing.  After the time was up they compared the work, and the result raises chills, as is evident in the picture of the two paintings.  They both chose practically the same image!

Their individual styles are quite different, even as much about their lives is similar.  It makes for good art.  The arrangement has worked for them over past years – 14 in fiber and 1 in paint. They will continue to grow and explore as the next chapter is written.  They were exhibited all over the world through the US Department of State and are firmly established in the art of Oregon.

Learn more at:

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

252_Crystal Winter Scene-4aToday I sit tonight in a relatively warm, safe place and am most thankful for that. I realize that much of this world does not enjoy the same privilege at the moment. We gather with friends and family to celebrate a holy season of remembrance; it honors the birth of Jesus Christ. At the time of his birth the message of the angels was ‘peace on earth, good will toward man’.

This is still good tidings of great joy and my wish for all.

Earlier, I faced this holiday without an idea of a card design. I enjoy making cards for family and friends so I pondered my options. Fortunately in the past year I had gone to my friend’s studio session called ‘Play to Create’ or PTC Day. Kelly Peterson owns a company that does amazing textural and color treatments for interior decorating called Layers of Color. She also distributes Modern Masters acrylics to artists. It is a unique niche that has immense potential for the artist. I have used her paints and special effects and can say I rate them with the best I have used.

This is stream of thought writing and brings me to my solution for a Christmas Card. I had participated in a PTC Day at her studio where she opens her treasure trove and lets artists play. She introduced many textures and novel ideas. Although it was mid-summer, I produced this design used on my personal card this year. It is made with textures, crystals, acrylics I’d have never encountered otherwise.

I send this image to you with the intent of spreading peace; may 2013 become the very best year for you!

Warmest Regards, KC


There is a common discussion in the artist community about galleries and selling art.  While many artists try to be represented, others are reaching out on their own.  I spoke with an artist in Santa Fe who experienced the frustration I’ve heard from many others.  Here, as everywhere, the market has tanked, leaving emerging artists in the void.  I remember the closing of many significant art galleries in Sacramento after the 2008 stock market debacle.

Micaela Gardner says as a matter of fact, galleries are closing or not taking on new artists.  Tall and slender, her dark, straight hair frames her expressive face.  Intelligent and quick is she, so our discussion was fun.

Micaela is our bartender and we discuss many subjects.  Her background is dance and bar management.  I comment that it is not a combination I’ve encountered but I’ve realized that artists have to have survival skills.  That means having a job that covers expenses because ‘you just can’t count on the art selling’.

We discuss the local area and ask for her recommendations for lodging and restaurants because we intend to return next year.

I ask to see some of her work but she only has a poor quality picture on her phone. (Artists, take note and be prepared!)   She says her new style is softer, not as bold as it once was. She says her work is in large format panels.  Her website posts 2007. 2008 and 2012.  Between that time her work sold faster than she could document it.

Our discussion pivots and pirouettes, but returns to the art world.  Micaela (pronounced MakIla) talks about how her work was gaining traction in San Francisco and was ready for the next step up in the art world only to be left in the void.

During our conversation, she mentions Billy Soza War Soldier, a prominent and controversial, local Indian painter (read future blog entitled ‘Coincidence and Controversy’).   Before we wander on she tells us to check out the 5th floor of La Fonda for the best view (unknown to tourists) of the city plus a few other gems.

Micaela’s website can be viewed here:

Sacramento Women Take Back the Night

Sacramento Women Take Back the Night is proud to once again be a participant in the 2012 worldwide V-Day Campaign.

Coordinator Nicola Hil states “We have been granted the rights to host a V-Day benefit production of Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’ which will increase awareness and raise money to end violence against women and girls. This year, event proceeds will go to support the 2012 V-Day Spotlight Campaign on Haiti and local organizations Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH), My Sister’s House, and WEAVE.”

There will be two performances:

Monday April 9th at The Guild Theater located at 2828 25th Street, Sacramento.  It will be followed by a panel discussion with members of the cast, V-Day Sacramento organizing committee, and representatives from our beneficiaries.

Saturday, April 14 at The Crest Theatre located at 1013 K Street, Sacramento
Time: 6:00 PM Silent Auction / 7:00 PM Performance

I have donated a framed print to this Silent Auction entitled ‘Beyond Reason


Donated Framed Print

Representatives from our beneficiaries will be present at both performances.

Tickets are $20 General Admission, $18 Military, Students, and Seniors.

For more information contact: Nicola Hil, Board President of Sacramento Women Take Back The Night – sponsor of the event. –

The event website is: and our facebook event page is:!/events/260429167376155/.




Framed print of original art by KC Moore is donated for this fund-raising event


An Evening with Cary Farley

Cary Farley will perform at The Guild Theater in Sacramento on March 17th at 8:00pm.  He is sponsoring a second fund raising event for Mustard Seed School, a local school for homeless children.  Mustard Seed School is associated with Loaves and Fishes, an organization helping the the local homeless population.

Cary is a wonderful musician and song writer from Sacramento.  He has been a friend to the arts and has had success in his career.

To learn more about Cary and purchase tickets click on Cary’s website at:

Hope to see you there!