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About KCM Group

KCM Group Network is a support organization dedicated to artists.  We provide the help an artist needs to move to the next step.  Each of our artists is accomplished in their unique field and are ready to emerge into new markets.

This is the HeART of California©  presented by KCM Group Network.

The California experience is unique: the environment, the business & politics, the glamor!  We have high peaks and low valleys, protected on all sides by mountains and ocean.  Hollywood glamor is legendary and we have some of the most breath-taking scenery in the nation.  Our redwoods are the oldest living things on the planet.  The majority of Californians have come from other parts of the nation and world and thus is has become an entity of its own.

True artists embody the life force of their environment in their work, and the artists of California are like no other.  They are free, and experimental.  They are not locked into a ‘mold’ or formula, but are adventurous and daring.  The original art coming from the life force of California is refreshing and ever changing.

The KCM Group Network is a virtual venue of fine art, artists and art-related topics.  We desire to network artists with galleries and art patrons to promote the purchase of original fine art by established and emerging artist of California.

The blog offers a glimpse into the deep, rich veins of California art.  Enjoy just a sampling of the variety and energy we offer to the world.  Feel free to contact our artists directly.

  1. terry mead permalink

    i would like to talk w someone about a serigrap i found ra. smith 1962

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